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Rates starting at $65/week

You’re interested in veganism, but you want to take it slow. We got you! In this package, we send you meals low in carbs to help you release those extra pounds. This way, you can ease into it at your own pace with delicious flavors that will have you enjoying a plant-based life in no time.

Vegan Loaded Nachos ( via Instagram )

Vegan Loaded Nachos (via Instagram)

Vegan Sopa de Pollo ( via Instagram )

Vegan Sopa de Pollo (via Instagram)

Give me what you’ve got!

Rates starting at $100/week

You want it, you got it! You don’t have any specific dietary restrictions and just want to jump right in. We’re ready for you! In this package, we’re sending you whatever we have in the shop. With every week bringing new, exciting dishes, you’re bound to love what you’ll eat.


Rates starting at $115/week

You want to make every bite count, so we want to get it just right. In this package, we’re focusing on exactly what you need, whether that’s more protein or fewer calories. There’s nothing better than a tailored food experience just for YOU!

Vegan Thai Salad ( via Instagram )

Vegan Thai Salad (via Instagram)