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Vegan Sancocho ( via Instagram )

Vegan Sancocho (via Instagram)

Delicious Weekly Meals

How does a vegan bacon, egg, and cheese sound? What about vegan sancocho or vegan BBQ “pulled pork”? We’re serving up delicious plant-based version of classic dishes every week.

Con sabor y amor

You know how you can literally taste the love in a meal? We have a team of familia y amigos that prepare each dish with passion for your health, the health of our earth, and the future of our animals. It really makes all the difference!

The team ( via Instagram )

The team (via Instagram)

Vegan ceviche ( via Instagram )

Vegan ceviche (via Instagram)

Just the way you like it

With three different packages to choose from, you’re getting meals tailored to your lifestyle. Whether that means more salads or none at all, we craft each package just for you.