Grocery Shopping in the Bronx


While other boroughs might have a lot more vegan goods accessible to them in their local grocery stores, that’s just not the case for the Bronx. This can turn an ordinary shopping trip into more of a hassle than it needs to be. Keep reading to learn tips and tricks to conquer your vegan grocery trips in no time.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

If this isn’t something you practiced before veganism, it’s the perfect time to start. Planning your grocery trips helps keep you on track and organized throughout the week. Start first by reading through the circular provided by the market you intend to visit. In most cases, you can find circulars online. This helps you see what’s new or on sale before you go.

Next, you’ll want to plan out what you want to cook between now and the next shopping trip. Plan some exciting meals that’ll keep you full and happy for the time period. There are ideas all over the internet, but you should check out some of our recipes for inspiration. Establish your budget, list the ingredients, and you’re shopping trip will be a breeze.

Keep your eyes open

Besides natural foods like fruits and vegetables, sometimes it isn’t easy to tell whether items are vegan or not. Sometimes these items are hidden on the lowest shelf or in areas vegans would typically avoid (ex: the meat aisle). Sometimes they are everyday items that are vegan in nature and hidden in plain sight! The nutritional facts label is your friend. Scan the label for non-vegan elements. Even those can sometimes be hidden! Make sure you’re looking out for these hidden elements that often go overlooked.


As I mentioned, the Bronx isn’t the place you’d go shopping for vegan items. When you visit a store that doesn’t have any vegan alternative, don’t despair! There are many natural alternatives that can provide a similar experience to these vegan alternatives or something close to it at least. Search for hassle-free recipes for vegan meats and cheeses that you can make in place of purchasing the product.

If you’re adamant about getting vegan ingredients in your supermarket, try talking to the owner. These stores are here to serve their community, so working with those in charge can help get the products you need and in turn, make a difference for all the other vegans or future vegans in your community!

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