Frequently Asked Questions

We currently deliver your weekly meals every Sunday.

A text will be sent to you Saturday evening from our delivery team member to inform you of the delivery time frame for Sunday. The time frame depends on your location and/or traffic. Our staff tries its best to deliver your meals closer to the beginning of your time slot.

Delivery outside of these boroughs will require a small fee in addition to the meals (please ask our staff members what is the fee prior to making a payment

We are free as free willy! We allow you to eat your meals however you wish. Perhaps you might be the type to want to eat savory for breakfast and sweet for dinner… we won’t judge you!

Currently we don’t have the macros breakdown, but we are diligently working on this.

YES!!!! Trust us it will. Please follow the guidelines in our newsletter where we encourage you to eat anything with greens before Tuesday. Other than that, everything is eatable within 5 days or freezer friendly for a few weeks; even months.

We can accommodate at an additional cost. Please contact us via email for the details on this.

Are you considering opening up more days? YES! but we like to keep you guys excited, so bare with us and go with the process. WE got you! But on the meantime, enjoy your Saturday trip to the vegan corner hub in the BX!

If you can't find what you're looking for:

AT NSV hubs...

We welcome everyone! 

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