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To cook with love and creativity without compromising our Latin flavors so that our clients are able to celebrate and enjoy the wonders of vegan food.

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Blenlly (Blen-gee) Mena


Blenlly Mena is the proud Bronxite behind Next Stop Vegan, the Bronx’s first vegan meal-prep service company. She has combined her passion for food and culture with her love for the earth, animals and the community to bring Next Stop Vegan.
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Ana “Loly” Baez


Ana “Loly” Baez, born in the Dominican Republic and raised in a humble household by a single mother, is the brain behind the flavors at Next Stop Vegan. Her passion for cooking began at the early age of 9, and by the age of 15, Loly cooked like a 70-year-old Dominican lady.
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Ana-Loly-Baez- Co-Founder-Next-Stop-Vegan

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