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“You are always cooking up lavish dishes and posting them on social media. Why don’t you meal prep for me?”


This was the question that triggered a business idea that eventually become Next Stop Vegan. Founder, creator, and Bronx native Blenlly Mena had been living in South Korea for a year when her friend suggested that she prep vegan meals for them. From South Korea to The Bronx, Blenlly transformed a simple fun idea into a revolutionary business changing her hometown and beyond for the better.

Next Stop Vegan is a 100% plant-based meal prep service ran by two sisters, Blenlly and Loly, in the Bronx. At Next Stop Vegan, each meal is cooked with love, creativity, and no compromise to delicious Latin flavors. Who says vegan food has to be bland?

What started as a way of educating the community on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle grew into a commitment to demonstrate the exciting ways plant-based food can be made. Every meal is flavorful, accessible, cost-efficient, and healthy.

As for the future, we’re dreaming BIG! We want our revolutionary approach to vegan food to go international. Soon, you’ll find Next Stop Vegan branded merchandise and food items on store shelves worldwide. As we work towards that, we also hope to inspire creativity in and become a reliable resource for vegans or anyone interested in the lifestyle.


Meet the Founders



Founder/ CEO



Co-founder/ Executive Chef

 Our Mission

To cook with love and creativity without compromising our Latin flavors so that our clients are able to celebrate and enjoy the wonders of vegan food.

Core Values

  • Customer Service – our company is dedicated to providing exceptional service and experience to our customers. We want to create a welcoming space where everyone feels at ease while exploring veganism.

  • Creativity + Taste – create innovative and flavorful menus that constantly challenge the erroneous perception that vegan food is tasteless

  • Convenience - provide delicious, ready-to-eat meals that work with your lifestyle

  • Giving back to our community by empowering and educating them on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle